Atlantis Quest

Atlantis Quest - Gloria Craw We pick up where Atlantis Rising ended, a few weeks after the dust up with batshit crazy Sebastian. As far as the clans know, he’s dead. A new clan leader must be appointed. The problem is that no one knows anything about the candidates. Also, Nikki, enemy of Alison, is missing. Ian’s parents want Alison to use her gift of thoughtmaking to find her.

And that, my friends, is where everything gets interesting! Alison has to assume a fake identity and befriend Phoebe, the enemy’s daughter, find out who’s being nominated for clans chief AND find Nikki! Alison will be staying with Theron, who is exiled for a few (major, but not deadly) crimes he committed. They create a bond that she never thought could happen and their relationship helped them with a bit of self-reflection. As things come to a head, everyone learns something new about themselves and each other. Can time heal all wounds? Or… are some wounds just to deep to heal? Just as Alison thought her life would get a little normal, there’s a letter from Nikki. Everyone thought Sebastian was dead… but it’s he?

This was a great sequel to Atlantis Rising. When situations got tough, Alison used her head instead of flying into things without a plan. She learned to stand her ground and as a character she grew. I have to admit, I was annoyed when I thought there was going to be a love triangle… I just really LOVE Ian! Alison’s relationship with Theron was more of a brother/sister relationship and their banter was hilarious!

While this one has a few more chapters than the last book, they go by so quickly that you won’t notice!