Book Review: A Vampire Wants a Wife ~ Andie M. Long


Title: The Vampire Wants a Wife (Supernatural Dating Agency, Book 1)
Author: Andie M. Long; Narrator: Angela Doll
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by: Shakera
Genre: Paranormal, Romance
Publisher: Andie M. Long
Date of Release: October 31, 2017, April 4, 2018
Pages: 204 (3 hours and 40 minutes)
Format: Audio Book (Audiobook Obsession); Kindle (Amazon)


Imagine waking up one morning thinking the world was this one way, to only find out it’s completely different than what you could imagine. Shelley woke up one morning believing there was no such thing as the Supernatural until she got to work and started reading one dating application. Theo, a vampire, is looking for a wife he can turn and get back his farmhouse. Not believing Theo, Shelley thought she would humor him. Turns out… Theo really is a vampire. Not only is he not the only vampire in Withernsea, but there are demons and werewolves and seers! As things start to heat up and Theo is a match for Shelley, things take a turn when Shelley finds out she, herself, is different. Can Shelley and Theo actually find love in each other and stop a sinister plot that would potentially tear Shelley’s world apart?


I thought the story was great, there were moments that were laugh out loud funny. The narration, however, left much to be imagined. You wouldn’t know this book takes place in England if it wasn’t for the verbiage. Practically all of the characters had the same voice. There were noises in the background in the beginning and the emotions of each character weren’t conveyed. Halfway through, I gave up on the audiobook and finished reading the book on my kindle. The narration is what keeps this from being a 5-star review, but I truly enjoyed the story and each character. Andie M. Long is new to me and I find this series quite interesting.